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Complete newborn checklist

Newborn checklist: Everything you need before your baby arrives.


Maternity and baby gear


Goods for the mother before labour:


    * Maternity bra; 

    * Panties;

    * Abdominal supports or corset;

    * Maternity stockings;

    * Nightgown;

    * Cream, gel or oil against the stretch marks;

    * Feet gel;

    * Firming breast cream;

    * Means for intimate hygiene


Goods for the mother after labour:


    * Breastfeeding bra;

    * Sleeping bra;

    * Breast pads;

    * Single-use panties;

    * Pads after labour;

    * Breast pump (on demand);

    * Milk collectors;

    * Breast shields for feeding;

    * Nipple cream.


Goods for transportation of a newborn child home from a maternity hospital:


    *  Onesies with gloves or one-piece bodysuits;

    * Thin and thick caps (depending on a season);

    * Footsy rompers or overalls;

    * Cotton gloves;

    * Knit shoes and socks;

    * Blanket with sheets or sleeping bag (envelope style);

    * Swaddling clothes;

    * Diaper or swaddling clothes. 


We recommend keeping at home the following:


Baby gear:


    * Natural cotton cap with stitches on the wrong side;

    * Underwear with short and long sleeves;

    * One-piece bodysuits;

    * Bibs;

    * Tight clothes with short and long sleeves;

    * Footsy rompers or overalls;

    * Knit shoes and socks;


 For outside:




    * Blanket;

    * Envelope or overalls;

    * Woolen cap;

    * Diapers or swaddling clothes (cotton, flannel, gauze);

    * Wet tissues. 


Bathing accessories:


    * Bathtub;

    * Bathtub stand;

    * Bathtub mattress

    * Water thermometer;

    * Sponge (natural fiber or wrapped in cotton fiber);

    * Children’s soap;

    * Shampoo and washing emulsion;

    * Body cream;

    * Hooded towel;

    * Room thermometer;

    * Swaddling board and table. 


Sanitary means:


    * Hygiene pads for cleaning of the nose, ears and navel;

    * Nasal nasal aspirator;

    * Sccisors with blunt ends;

    * Comb and brush;

    * Toothcomb against dandruff;

    * Oil;

    * Powder or liquid talc;

    * Body tissues;

    * Diaper rash cream;

    * Soothers;

    * Soother case;

    * Soother chain. 


Baby feeding accessories:


    * Bottles (260 ml, 150 ml and 125 ml, glass or plastic);

    * Soothers for bottles;

    * Bibs;

    * Food heater (on demand);

    * Bottle rack;

    * Sterilizer or sterilizing liquid;

    * Breast pump (on demand). 


Other things:


    * Wooden crib with coconut filament mattress;

    * Bedding: pillow, blanket, sheets, safety starp, oilcloth;

    * Toys: colourful  rattles, toys over the cribs, musical carousels ;

    * Stroller;

    * Carrier ("kangaroo");

    * Car seat.